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Expires Jun 30, 2023

Will @realDonaldTrump tweet by June 30?

Will @realDonaldTrump tweet by June 30?

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In Response to Trader Inquiry: All quote tweets and reply tweets by @realDonaldTrump will count.

This market will resolve to "Yes" if Donald J. Trump's verified Twitter account (@realDonaldTrump) tweets at least once after May 30, 2023, and by June 30, 2023, (11:59:59 PM ET). Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

The resolution source for this market will be Donald J. Trump's verified Twitter account:

For the purpose of this market's resolution, retweets do not count as a tweet.

Please note, only the @realDonaldTrump verified Twitter account counts for this market, regardless of the URL for this profile. If Donald J. Trump tweets from another account, it has no bearing on the resolution of this market.


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Outcome proposed: No

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Final outcome: No


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Outcome: No