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Expires Sep 22, 2023

Milady Floor above 3 ETH on September 22?

Milady Floor above 3 ETH on September 22?

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This market will resolve to "Yes" if on September 22, 2023, 12:00 PM ET the Milady Maker floor price is greater than 3.0000 ETH. Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

The floor price on September 22 will be found using At 12:00 PM ET, all listings that have existed for at least 15 minutes will be considered, and the lowest price of them will be used as the floor price for Milady Maker. Listings across all marketplaces that blur lists will be considered. If blur is unavailable, will be used.

The number at 12:00 PM ET will be memorialized on this market's Polymarket market description after the resolution time passes.


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Outcome proposed: No

No dispute

Final outcome: No


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LayerZero airdrop by Oct 31?

$7,481 Bet

Yes 16¢
No 84¢

$7k Bet

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Will the FDV of OpenSea's token 1 week after launch be above Blur's FDV?

$1,601 Bet

Yes 52¢
No 48¢

$2k Bet


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Outcome: No