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$29,035 Bet

Expires Sep 30, 2023

ETH above $2,000 at end of September?

ETH above $2,000 at end of September?

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This market will resolve to "Yes" if the Coinbase 1 minute candle for ETH-USD 30 Sep '23 23:59 in the ET timezone has a final “Close” price of 2000.01 or higher. Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

The resolution source for this market is, specifically the ETH-USD "Close" prices currently available at with “1m” and “Candles” selected on the top bar.

Please note that this market is about the price according to Coinbase ETH-USD, not according to other sources or spot markets.


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Outcome proposed: No

No dispute

Final outcome: No


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Outcome: No