Water Treated By means water free of :
Germs, particles,bacterias, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, cyanate, cyanides, nitrate, nitrite, hydrocarbon, chloride, lead, odors, colors, chemicals and other contaminants .


1-How much do you care for your health?
The human body is over 70% water, everything that happens inside our body: digestions, nutrient distribution,energy production and most importantly: detoxification, all happen primarily with water.

A Child’s body is less able to deal with impurities in drinking water, chlorine,lead,parasites and other common tap water components may have tragic long term effects on small children.

Very few things affect our health as much as the quality of our water.

    2-How much do you pay for water to your water dispenser?

Price comparison between AQUASAFE water purifier and common bottled water jars or buckets used for water dispensers
Daily use of water buckets quantity
Average unit price Tub L.P.
One month consumption
X 30
One year consumption L.P.
With AQUASAFE affordable
Imagine what you can save

    3-What kind of water are you drinking?

Bottled Water
Bottled water is processed days, weeks and even months before you drink it. Water is processed when you need it.
Tastes musty and contains chemicals for preservation. Water tastes fresh, chemical free and odor free.
Requires storage space for full and empty bottles and are difficult to handle or transport. No storage,
No s
pace needed.

With You Get
Free water
Say goodbye to costly bottled water, heavy water lugging:
You don't have to buy or pay your drinking water anymore, use water from tab.
Clear and healthy water
Advanced technology filtering with several sectors, prevent contamination from different water source handling stages and maintain water quality at a level.
Aquasafe produces great tasting water for better health, weight loss and wellness; after all our body is over 70% water. Everything that happen inside our body, digestion, nutritient distribution, energy production and most importantly detoxification all happens primarily with water.
Fresh water
Always fresh, no stocked water or old contaminated water.
Unlimited delicious pure water right at home for drinking, tea and coffee and nice making, body formula, dietary or medical use etc.
I’ve been using

Water purifier and couldn’t be happier.

For the first time I have been drinking water without worrying about changing bottles and buckets, or a monthly bill with charges that change with the wind…


Safe water
Water that you know the origin filtered under your own eyes with high quality materials.
Beware any unknown, suspicious, entrusted delivered water.
Conditioned water
W hen coupled with you water dispenser you will have unlimited cold, hot or warm water instantly.

Uses advanced technology materials to separate hazardous impurities from water such as heat source,bacteria,toxin,heavy metals, metallo salts , free radicals and producing free, clean safe, fresh water that generate faster human cell absorption.

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